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Visual communication is the gateway to engaging the global gaming audience of nearly 3 billion people. ESPAT aggregates premium imagery from across the gaming world and makes it accessible to the masses, while offering new ways for creators and editorials to monetize their platforms.

The LCS Membership

In June of 2021, the LCS and ESPAT launched an exclusive, multi-year partnership to distribute LCS content through ESPAT’s licensing platform. The LCS collection remains complimentary through the end of 2021. We will soon be announcing a new LCS Membership plan that will launch in 2022. 


(Esports Pixels & Technology)

ESPAT is the only dedicated image licensing platform for the gaming and esports industry. Through our live event coverage and exclusive content distribution partnerships with gaming IP holders, we offer a robust catalogue of visual content. ESPAT is transforming the old-school licensing model through technology and making premium content more accessible to the global gaming audience.

Why You Need Gaming & Esports Content

Compelling imagery is one of the most fundamental elements of storytelling. ESPAT is providing premium gaming & esports photos to help creators drive relevance with the young, passionate and growing audience of gamers and esports fans around the world. And through our technology solutions, we are unlocking interactivity and commerce within licensed images, generating new ways for licensees to monetize their platforms.

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